Jeremy Green

“We at the Creative Circle are proud to have Shrager Creative on board as one of our sponsors. We won’t allow anyone to be associated with us. Any Sponsor of the Creative Circle will need to reflect our desire to help and support the creative community across the full spectrum of experience from ECD to a young creative starting out on their career. Charlie understands creatives and will go that extra mile just to make sure she is playing a part in not just helping them find their next job but making sure it is the right job for them and the employing company.”

Beri Cheetham

No matter the technological innovations and constant change in our ever evolving, increasingly demanding, business – the greatest challenge we face is recruiting and placing the right people. Skill sets aside, if the cultural fit isn’t there it all goes wrong pretty quickly. Gemma has a cultural and creative talent radar like no other. She’s exceedingly diligent and operates at pace, with the client and candidate’s interests way before her own. This makes her a rare and important breed that’s integral to the growth and success of your agency.

Robin Garton

“Shrager Creative get it. They get creative, get the culture of a place, and get who will fit in. And they always seem to get the brief, however vague. So the best people we get are invariably through them.”

Frederico Roberto

“Charlie is the ultimate creative headhunter. Not only she brings the best of each candidate personality and work out, she is also a keen negotiator. Always keen to find the best solution for each briefing, Charlie is a synonym of both professionalism and friendliness.”

Neale Horrigan

“If you’re looking to recruit then you’re probably pretty busy, so the last thing you want to do is waste time seeing stacks of people that aren’t right. And this is where Shrager Creative come into their own. They are brilliant, down to earth, like minded people who just ‘get it’. They totally understand me and the agency and make it their mission to find exactly what I am looking for. So far they have a greater success rate with us than any other recruiter.”

Ben Roberts

“Hiring top creative talent through Charlie is never a problem. She understands the creative needs of an agency but more importantly understands the creative pulse. A recruiter who understands people and drives to make them shine. Shrager Creative can only make your agency better.”